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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fading Away

Summer is fading away. I know this when I begin to neglect watering my containers. I know this when the pool and backyard look like a disaster area. I know this when I return to work. I haven't posted a lot lately. I have a myriad of reasons. My computer was being worked on. I haven't had any inspiration. I have been busy with work and the normal pace of life. I am depressed that summer is fading away.

I love summer. I look forward to no schedules, relaxing, enjoying friends and family. Every year it seems to go by more swiftly. This year is no exception. I am back at work. Poor me.

This is me not working...

I am gearing up for fall. To be honest, it is my favorite season of all. I can't wait to feel the cold morning air. I can't wait to watch high school football. I am excited for apples. I am looking forward to my new students. I am happy that life will be back to a routine. I can feel my creative juices bubbling.  Autumn is nearing.