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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Helping Out a Fellow Horder

One day at lunch I was checking out Craigslist and spotted a free dresser. I quickly emailed the poster and then, forgot about it. Later that afternoon my phone rang and if I could come get it that afternoon the dresser was mine.
Luckily, I could squeeze it into my packed schedule. I raced to the address, cleared out the back of my trusty Volvo and knocked on the door. The signs of a horde were clear. Garbage on the porch stacked up, a wafting smell...what had I gotten myself into?

A man about my age came to the door and I got a glimpse of the inside. Yep. This was a house that could be featured on Hoarders. This guy told me he was left cleaning up the house for his parents who had been moved into an assisted living facility. His uncle helped him carry the dresser to the door and the two of us loaded it into my car.

Solid wood! The drawers were not broken (but were a bit sticky). I love the back fail on this piece. My wheels started turning; changing table, peacock blue. Once in my car I smelled it. It wasn't a horrible smell, just musty. When I came home and Mr.Dickey helped me pull it out. "Did the mouse turds come free with it?" He asked. Gross, I groaned.

I really had to scrub this piece down. Next,  lightly sanded the rough spots. I recently picked up a Sherwin Williams "oops" paint at my local salvage store in an amazing teal/peacock blue. I have seen this color used in a lot of decors recently and I know it is pOpUlar (this is how my sister and popular...an emphasis on the O and the U), however it isn't a color I would use in my home. I debated on maybe playing it safe with this piece, but it really has a funky hipster kind of vibe and the peacock blue seemed to fit. I mixed up my chalk paint concoction and went at it.

Finally, I top coated it with s wipe on Annie Sloan soft wax.

I think this piece would look fantastic with greys, navy's, yellows, corals, whites, blacks and browns. Wow that is the whole gamut of colors. It would be fun to put a mirror on top and use it as a bar. Another way I see this piece being used is as a changing table (#hipsterbaby). I am selling this piece.


  1. I would say that arrangement worked out great for all parties involved!

  2. Oh so pretty!! Love the colors and the drawer pulls :)

    visiting from Think Pink Sundays

  3. This is a fantastic colour! I love that the handles were kept bare wood. I've also picked up a dresser that had bonus mouse poops, barf!