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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bottle Brush Heaven

I have a thing for bottle brush trees, but I don't have a thing for their prices. I recently found some at a discount retailer for $5.99 and I nearly bought them because I thought it was a good deal. Almost. Yesterday while perusing Pintrest I found a post on how to make your own. Now I have a ton of things pinned that I want to eventually get to, but most of them are in a cyber holding cell. This time I was so pumped I got in the car and headed to Joanne's to get some trees. You know the kind I am talking about the cheap ones you put in your winter villages.
I bought a of about twenty trees for $7.99 (of course I used my 40% off coupon). When I bought them they looked like this:

Next I added bleach (I don't measure usually) to water:

 Then I waited:

The first group I did sat for about an hour and there is still a hint of green on them as you can see in the picture above. I accidentally left the next batch in all night.

You can tell the ones that sat all night! I am so excited to get home and embellish these babies. Glitter? Mica flakes? More fake snow? Wait till you see what I have in store for these...

FYI here is the link I found this idea on. I have to give credit to where it is due!

She went a step further and dyed hers red. Wait a second...pink, blue, purple.