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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everyone Has A Porch Tree...Right?

We have never had a flocked tree. I remember growing up my grandparents had one that was overly flocked and they decorated it with purple and red lights. The ornaments were all jewel tones. My grandparents were not your typical variety.
I wasn't a fan of flocked trees until I spotted one a few years ago that was partially flocked. It was so natural looking and made me believe it had snowed indoors.
One of my favorite local garden centers sent me an email stating all of their Christmas decor and trees were 50% off including flocked ones. We flocked over to the center and spotted the perfect tree the second we walked in. The first rule of finding the perfect tree is to keep looking just to make sure it is indeed the perfect tree. We kept looking and spotted another one that seemed to be the second best. We told the staff we wanted the one in the front. "No you don't. It doesn't have a water bowl and will dry out quickly. We can sell it to you for $10 though."
We talked. Do we want a dried up tree? Nope. We went with the second best one. It was $45 and was seven feet tall. Sure, I could have gone out into the rainy, muddy fields and cut my own for $20, but it wouldn't be flocked and I was short of time this year.
The kids picked out their yearly ornament. Drexler went with an Oregon State Beaver pennant and Delia picked a Chinese take-out container. She loves herself some Chinese food.

I love the flocking on it. It really helps my Mercury glass ornaments stand out. This tree is in our Living Room and is the center of our holiday decorations. Our family room tree holds the kid's ornaments and ones that were given to use over the years (teachers get a lot of ornaments over time). This is a fake tree and it is going to go bye bye at the end of this season. The good news is I know a place where I can get a fake tree dirt cheap.

 We decided for $10 we could afford to buy a porch tree. Yep. We have a porch tree. Doesn't everyone?

 I really do need want three trees. I used to decorate my parent's tree with a different theme each year. One year it was a rustic garden theme, another year it was toile and ironstone.Sigh. I guess that is what porch trees are for.
This porch tree has rusty garden tools on it. We had a windstorm the other night and it blew many of my hydrangeas away. I still love it!

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