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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pink Power

The Portland Metro area is fairly large. I live on the Eastern edge of the suburbs and find that many of the items I buy or sell are located on the Western edge about 25 miles away. With the price of gas, and taking my time into consideration, there are times I let great deals pass me by. This was one of those deals.

After school I checked Craigslist quickly and someone had posted two grainy pictures of a dresser and vanity. They wanted $100 for both of them. I emailed to ask where they were located and low and behold it was only 18 blocks from my house and a three minute drive. I asked if I could take a quick peek at them. When I saw them I was stoked they were better than I imagined they would be. I did not have the truck with me and I needed to make sure I had the cash at home. Could I call them back in a few minutes to let them know?
I realized these people were desperate to get rid of these pieces. They had to be out of their duplex by 11:00 the next morning and I was the only one who had contacted them (due to their horrible photos). After a half an hour I called back and offered them $75 for both pieces. They agreed and within an hour both pieces were sitting in my driveway. These pieces were structurally sound, but they were dirty (dust, dog hair, grime). In fact, the old owners accidentally left two drawers crammed with clothes and prescription pain killers. Uh oh. We returned everything, but let me just say if these pieces could talk.

I know I could simply clean them up and sell them as is and at least double my profit, however I wanted to do something more. I kept hearing the words, "Antoinette" in my head. You know Annie Sloan's Antoinette. I decided to try and match it to the best of my ability and went with Sherwin William's Rose Bud. Here is how they turned out:

This is the mirror that attaches to the back of the vanity. It is currently on my kitchen table. I had to reglue it to the frame. I wanted to avoid attaching it just for the sake of pictures. This piece is old and I don't want to risk breaking one of the brackets and having to redo the mirror. Yep, I'm lazy. I realized I didn't get a picture of the two pieces together. They are so sweet and are just begging to be put in a pretty bedroom suite that nods to yesteryear or in a cute little girl's room. I am hoping they sell fast as they take up space. I am sure they will find a new home and I hope they have exciting tales to tell!

1 comment:

  1. This is soooo gorgeous!!!!!!!
    I can see this in a little girl's room - really beautiful job at transforming these beautiful pieces!
    Came by via Funky Junk ( where I did NOT make it to the party this week - so just browsing ) and so glad I decided to - most definitely your newest follower.
    Big hugs from Montreal,