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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Tables

In the last few weeks I have been a painting fool. I was gearing up for my trunk show and I could not paint fast enough.  Last Friday my local Salvation Army was having a half-off sale. Being a glutton for punishment I went with my truck and left with four tables, an old baby crib, and a few smaller items. More tables. Seriously right now I have seven hanging out in my garage. Here are two of them:

This one is SOLID oak and is heavy. I am not a fan of oak right now. Maybe because I have oak floors, oak doors and oak cabinets and I just get tired of it. The brass on the glass also made this piece a bit dated. I think my boyfriend in high school had this table in his parent's living room. Mmmm...

I painted it with Sherwin Williams Beyond  Blue and Westinghouse White. I added my secret ingredients to the paint of course. I top coated it with poly. Doesn't it scream beach house to you? Wish I had one to put it in.

This little lady was a lot of fun. I originally thought about doing a ruler table with her, but after time began to tick away I scaled back. I painted it with Sherwin Williams Mink and put chalkboard paint on top. I can imagine someone writing messages on top. If it were mine I would write, "Drexler brush your teeth" or "Delia did you brush your hair today?".

It has Annie Sloan Dark Wax on top. I really like the curves of this one.

My other five tables are still waiting in the garage for some attention. I am taking a little break from painting this weekend. My hand was starting to hurt!


  1. I would love to take that first table off your hands if you were only near me! I love that!!

  2. I hear you about the sore hands! Just when I think I can't hold a brush any longer, something catches my eye and I'm painting again. Nice job on both those tables~ Maureen

  3. I wish I had a beach house to put that table in too! It is lovely and beachy! Love it :)