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Monday, March 4, 2013

Rolling With It

It was early fall and my secret auction house was holding a special Sunday auction. I had a million other things going on, but I couldn't miss this one.
The usuals were there: Drunk Old Man, Pee Man, Red Finger Nail Guy, Perfumed Lady, and a few of  my friends. They are actually the parents of my friends from high school, but my old soul digs hanging out with them more than their kids. There was also a lot of "irregulars". This meant things were going for more than normal. I had my eye on a few key things, but alas they all were beyond my budget. I did pick up this for $17 though:

She is solid, she has her original hardware and she has wheels that work! She even has an original painting. She has provided my garage with excellent storage over the last five months, but now it s time for her to roll on.
As with all of many of my projects I was waiting to have an ephinany in order to get started. At one point I was convinced I was going to go with a light powder blue and white. Then I thought about perhaps going big with a bright red or yellow. Alas I looked at one of my Pinterest boards I spotted this picture from Miss Mustardseed's site (www.missmustardseed.com) and knew I had found a winner.

I sanded her down a bit, removed the hardware, and mixed up a batch of my own chalk paint (I need to name it....mmmmmm....wheels spinning). This is Sherwin Williams of course. I buy these when they have their incredible sales. Generally I pick them up for around $6. This color however was at my local salvage store for $1.

I meant to snap some pictures with my camera, but captured some with the Ipad. It sold so fast I never got "real pictures". Opps.

Orginally this piece had a mirror or back of some kind, but over the years it went missing. I had about a 1/2 inch gap in the back. I decided to add my own back. I found a board and put it aside for Mr.Dickey to cut for me (My cutting skills with the circular saw aren't stellar). I was just about to draw a line of the board when I thought about adding a wooden embellishment I picked up for $2. It was too wide for the board. Darn it. I remembered a board I had sitting around and I went and pulled it out. I held it up to the back and tada it fit PERFECTLY. How do you like them apples?


  1. stopping by from the blog hop at:

    looks great!!! i def wish i had something like that in my living room!


  2. No wonder it sold right away. She's gorgeous!