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Saturday, February 18, 2012

$6 Starburst Mirror in 28 Minutes

I have gazed at all of the starburst mirrors from afar. I am drawn to them, but in the back of my mind they remind me of my college days when I was goo goo over moons and star decorations. Ask any of my roommates and they might tell you about the cabinet I spray painted navy blue and painted with gold moons, stars and suns. I even attempted to sew a wrap around skirt out of a fantastically gaudy celestial print (OMG did I just admit to wearing those? I better be careful because with the way things are going they will be back next year).
A few weeks ago I picked up a round mirror at an estate sale for $2. It is pocked perfectly with age. A few months ago I bought a pack of shims to make wooden stars for Christmas (never happened). Last weekend as I was tinkering in the garage an idea was hatched. I sprayed the shims with my Stainless Steel paint (sadly this emptied my can) and some gold I had on hand. They sat waiting patiently until Friday. I got home from work at 3:10 and had to go pick up Delia from school at 3:40. I had thirty minutes. Should I take a cat nap? Do some laundry? Make a starburst mirror?
I ran downstairs and grabbed my glue gun and by 3:38 I completed this:

Another view...

 Ughh those ugly yellow walls again. They are killing me. I think tomorrow I will stop by Home Depot and pick up some paint.

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