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Monday, February 6, 2012

Grand Entrance

The very first room I painted upon moving into our home was the entry way. I don't remember what color the walls were (most likely a cream), but I wanted to make a statement when people walked in. I painted it a dark cinnamon rust and loved it. Six years later I still loved it, but wanted to lighten things up. I find my color palette has changed recently to lights. I don't dig those bright colors that seem to be popping up all over, give me a muted grey any day. Anyway, this weekend (before I came down with a cold) I tackled the entry way.

A few things to note. My entry way was SIX doors. To the left of the front door is the coat closet, to the right is a door leading into our kitchen (If you walk around the corner there is a huge opening so this makes no sense. It is on my big to do list to remove  the entire corner, but I have some work to do before this happens). Further down on the left hand wall is another door that leads to bedrooms (it is nice to be able to shut it off) and directly in front of the door is the door leading to the basement and another closet. Whew. Talk about a lot of cutting in! I realized as I painted, the first time I did it had a six month old. Let's just say my last job  was SLOPPY.
I started on Friday night when the boys were out at the Blazer game. I had a little help from my friend...

Here is the after...

The wall color is Martha Stewart Copen Blue. Now I am usually a Sherwin Williams addict, but they were closed and I needed my fix. Martha had an almost perfect match to what I had chosen. This is the "Jew Pew" (In all due respect people). I placed two vintage ticking pillows on it. I am looking for a better basket to go underneath the bench (This is our lost and found and our friends and family look here often. By the way anyone missing a camcorder? It has been here for three years). The picture is one of my favorites. I purchased at our local high school's student art auction. My daughter recently gave it a tattoo on the arm. Argh.

The table I found off of Craigslist undecorated. The verdict is still out as to whether or not it will remain here. My husband says it is beginning to look like Hoarders around here. The color on this is Sherwin Williams Watery.

Here it is decorated. I am on the search for the perfect lampshade. I will also be taking down the light switch cover and replacing it with a painted one so it will blend in better. I wish I could lower the mirror, but alas someone decided to put the switch here. Looking at this picture it really bugs me.

Closer look at the pew. This is one of my most favorite things.

The numbers on the pew. I can't bring myself to do anything but keep it polished.

I added the wainscoting and hung a chair railing. I am really proud to say I overcame my fear of the big saw and did all the work myself. I love the way it turned out and can't wait to add some finishing touches as they speak to me. I had every intention of adding some shelves in coat closet, but after purging it I realized it works fine and there is no need for shelves so I left it alone. Sometimes I like to make my husband happy.

Paint-$36 (a lot for me, but it was primer and paint and I only needed one coat even with the dark color to cover)
Chair rail-$14
New to me table- $20
Total for the makeover-$94
I still need to find a rug and a lampshade, but after that I believe she is done. Oh wait about that other closet...


  1. Love the new look! That light switch will disappear when you paint one the wall colour. I pinned a neat storage idea for under a bench. They took a vintage wooden crate and added castors so it easily rolls out to access the stuff. ~ Maureen

    1. Great idea. I am already on the lookout for some crates. Currently backpacks get tossed under there on the weekends and of course the lost and found.

  2. I love the look. My husband also says about the hoarding look around here. I just can't help myself when I see something I think can be repurposed I gotta get it. any way great job

  3. Love the lighter, brighter color! As for that console table, WOW. Do you know I've been searching forever for something similar?! Looks great! Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday over on Making Lemonade.