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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Phoenix Rising

Two years ago one of my dearest friend's had a house fire. The majority of the fire took place in the garage, but the smoke damage was extensive. They "got" to live in a hotel for a month and a rental home for at least four months. It was painful to watch them go through this life changing event and do little to support them. Today they are back in their home and believe me they appreciate every single day and live life to it's fullest. I am blessed to have her and her husband in my life.

This summer a desk was delivered to my house. My friend's children weren't interested in this family piece and she knew I would do something with it. She even told me to fix it up and sell it. It was sturdy, strong and in good shape with the exception of the water damage to the finish from the fire. It sat in the garage through the fall and into the winter holding various boxes and junk. I was waiting for inspiration.
My daughter had a secretary style dress with tiny drawers in her room. It was covered with papers, stickers, craft supplies and junque. A light bulb went off. It would be perfect for Delia's room.
Here is what it looked like on Saturday:

The drawers still show where the smoke damaged them.

I primed it well and spray painted the drawers (simply because it was easier).  I spray painted them with my current favorite Stainless Steel.This was a $2 can of paint because the top had been pulled off. I have painted a ton of stuff with that two bux. After a good coat of primer I painted two coats of Sherwin William's Pink Amour. It is such a light pink that it is difficult to even tell in my pictures that is is indeed pink. It is a lovely shade and I want to eat it.

I wanted to get a picture of the inside of the drawers, but before I could a little squirrel stowed their treasures in it. Our next project is to paint the nightstand and chair to match. It has turned out perfectly and I hope it inspires Delia to embrace pastel pinks when we begin her room makeover in March. She wants vivid pinks and I want light pink. Who will win the battle? Only time will tell.

I can't wait for my friend to come see it. I am that friend who doesn't get emotional and am not a touchy feely type. Barb, is the opposite. I know she will get weepy and emotional enough for the both of us. This Phoenix has  risen from the ashes and is a tribute to her because every time I look at the desk I feel all happy inside.


  1. Oh Leah, I'm crying right now. I am so happy the desk is still in the "family". You are amazing.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends but so happy that they are back in their home. The desk turned out beautiful!