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Monday, November 28, 2011

How Bazaar

My second foray into the world of selling my wares went okay. The venue wasn't too busy and therefore I didn't sell a ton. I made a bit, but hope for more success at my next sale in a few weeks. I learned a few lessons from this one. First, I had too much stuff for my table. I found out later, that I could have utilized the space as long as it didn't exceed the length of the table. I will remember that for next time! Here are a few of the things I sold...

Here is a picture of my booth. Did I have enough?

I sold several of my chalk wine glasses. Drinks anyone?

This was one of my favorite pieces. An old wicker suitcase becomes a dog bed. You can even close it and carry it with you to your next destination.

This banner didn't sell. I might dig it up and add it to my holiday decorations.

I did sell this to a co-worker. My first experiment with vinyl letters. Guess who is getting a Silhouette Cameo tomorrow?

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  1. Oh my WORD! That dog bed rocks! I think I'll do one... but for my cat! :) I also gotta say... those chalk board wine glasses are brilliant!!!!! Thanks so much for linking up on Kammy's Korner!