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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist.

Things I Hate
1. Crazy people who don't follow through (especially annoying when I am giving away stuff for free)
2. When I arrange to buy something, or pick it up, and it is not as it was described.
3. It makes me spend money on things I don't really need.

Things I Love
1. You can pick up some great things...(wait until you see what I got for free)
2. It is a great place to unload stuff you don't want anymore
3. It supports sustainability. Why buy something new when you can get it used?

Alright this list can go on and on. Drum roll please....

Isn't she lovely? I saw her listed on Craigslist Thursday for free. I am always a little hesitant when something looks too good to be true, but I called the number listed and left a message. Friday afternoon I got a call from the man who had it and he said the person seemed a bit sketchy and if I had a truck and could come get it on Saturday morning it was mine. I have learned that with these deals it is always good to ask questions (Does that put me in the category above  I said was annoying?) I asked things like, "Do we need to carry it up stairs? Should I bring a dolly? Will we need to go through doors?". The man was very nice and even started to tell me the history of the sink.
This morning my husband and I loaded up and drove across town to pick it up. The man was there waiting and we were able to back our truck right up next to where the sink was located. He helped my husband take it off the wall and load it up. This baby weighs a TON. It was in the garage which was originally the kitchen of this home. He is remodeling the house and wants to install a laundry room where the sink was so he needed it to go. He was well aware of the value the sink has. He had even checked out how much it would cost to have it re-enameled. The right hand side has some areas that are damaged (he thinks it is from battery acid...yikes). This lovely lady is five feet long and has drainboards on both sides. The actual sink is very shallow, but hey when the entire sink is enamel who cares if it gets wet right?
So now comes the hard part. Decisions. I am going to clean her up and have my brother-in-law, who happens to be a plumber, talk to me about if it would be feasible to install it in my kitchen (One day I will write a post about my slow kitchen remodel process.).
So what it if won't work? Well this is where I have some ideas. I can use it for my future outdoor kitchen (Another post for the future). I can use it for a great outdoor water feature. I also thought about pitching a trade to a local antique salvage company for a smaller sink that may work better. No matter what happens this is a win, win situation. In the meantime I can dream about the possibilities...

Here is what I may end up with...except my drainboard has to be on the left side.

(Pictures from Pintrest)

There you have it the story of my sink, but somehow I think this is only the first chapter.


  1. Good luck with it!! I hope you get exactly what you want out of it!

  2. I love these old sinks...even though they are very shallow. Sounds like you have all types of great projects lined up, and I'm following now so I won't miss any of them! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with the sink. Have a great week.

  3. Congrats on your great Craigslist score! It will be fun for us to see how you finally put it to use. It is a beautiful sink. I really enjoyed the inspiration photos you included.

    I've also had my share of frustrations with Craigslist as both a giver and a taker/buyer. It just surprises me how many people seem not to have been raised to show basic decency to others (respecting their time, being truthful, etc). I think the anonymus nature of online dealings make it seem like people can behave however seems most convenient to THEM without any consequences. It's sad...

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  5. Hi! I was just looking at old parties at Kammy's Korner and found this post.
    First off...the comment ahead of this one is spam.

    Ok...now, I love your examples of sinks you've envisioned for yourself. My granny had a sink like this. I am looking for a sink such as yours, but don't think it will work in my kitchen with my current window. So...The Honey says now. I need one with a shorter back on it; like the one you pictured last in this post.

    Hope you're able to get it into the kitchen ...I'm off to check out your blog for any updates.
    enjoying reading so far!
    Happy Celebration to Resurrection Sunday!