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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Don't Iron Which Is Why I Love Linen

I hate ironing. I actually really don't know how to iron (the right way). I will admit I have only ironed clothes for my own job interviews and my husbands...maybe a wedding or funeral (that we were part of). The worst thing is we actually purchased a steamer over a year ago and it is still in the box because I forget we have it and I can generally ignore wrinkles. This is one of the reasons I LOVE linen. People understand that linen wrinkles and as a result they don't judge you. Now I have aired some dirty laundry. I will get back to the reason I brought up ironing in a minute (I promise).
Tonight we are anticipating a snow day tomorrow. When you have two teachers in a house this is a HUGE thing. I should have cleaned bathrooms, but decided they can wait until tomorrow (unless I have to work).  I decided to finish a few projects and one thing lead to another...you all know how that goes.
I bought some towels at IKEA right before Christmas. I needed some new kitchen towels and I liked these. I think they were $2 for two towels. I had thought about using them to make something for Christmas, but alas time slipped away. Tonight I dug them up and decided they would make good faux European linen looking pillow cases.

Here is what they looked like before (this is why I held the confession on not ironing):

The finished product:

A closer view...

I had two pillows that fit these cases perfectly. These are old bed pillows that are smashed down and are sitting in our closet. I really like the way the look. I think they would look great on our bed as well. I can also see them used outdoors this summer with my red Adirondack chairs. Fourth of July?

My second project tonight was a vintage paper garland. I saw this in my FAVORITE antique store (http://camasantiques.blogspot.com/), but they used circles. I bought a heart punch at Micheal's yesterday for $6 with my coupons and began punching. I started sewing two hearts together with the help of Ms.Delia.

Sew easy!

On the mantel (these do have a tendency to tangle)

 A close view. Don't you love the handwriting in this vintage grammar book?

I am selling these on Etsy if you don't have a lot of snow days in your future.
Finally, I made this last year, but because my old Blog vanished I thought I would reshare. It was inspired by Jen at Tator Tots and Jello. I heart it still.

I am hoping to have an epic snow storm tonight so I can continue on this crafting binge. If it keeps up I might even get the bathrooms cleaned.


  1. Love the Ikea tea towel pillow covers! I may try that with a Graphics Fairy transfer in the middle. ~ Maureen

  2. I don't iron either, so when the ironing board comes out my husband is like, "what are you crafting now?" Haha! Neat pillows, thanks for linking to Refresh Your Nest Friday and hope to see you back there tomorrow!