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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grey With a Pop of Red

January in Oregon is grey. January in Oregon is rainy. This year, however has been an exception. In fact, this past fall and early winter have been dry. ( I can't count last week when we had so much rain it flooded in places.) Typically I won't be able to do anything in the yard until late March. (Play music here) This past Friday and Saturday were beautiful; cool, dry and sunny. I seized the opportunity to do some yard clean up and after the yard debris bin was full decided to start on a project that has been on my mind for awhile.
I love the deep overhangs on our house. They allow us plenty of space to keep dry and DECORATE for holidays. One thing that has always annoyed me though  is a flowerbed that sits right next to the house. No water will ever reach it and the dirt in it is lifeless. When we first moved in there was bark dust and cat poop. As soon as spring hit I removed it and replaced it with river rock (How ya like me now cats?). This was fine for awhile, but after a year I realized the wind blew all manner or leaves and debris into it. It was impossible to keep clean. Over the past two years it has been on my list of things to address. I had a collection of recycled bricks and decided to use them.

Here is a look at what this area looked like before....



My dad  brought me an ugly green plastic Adirondack chair last spring. I spray painted it red to match our front door and decor.

The red rocking chair

And finally the red wooden tool caddy I picked up for $3. I painted it red of course. I figure I can use it for Christmas, Valentines and Fourth of July decorations this way...plus it matches the house the rest of year too.

It started POURING again today. I think I might sit and relax in my rocking chair.

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