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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Basketball Widow

My husband is a HUGE Portland Trailblazer fan. My Blazer basement is a testament to this. Once the NBA season starts I become a Basketball Widow. The older Drexler gets (yes he was named after Clyde "The Glide" Drexler) he wants to go to most of the games. This leaves Delia and I home alone and left to our own devices.
To celebrate our first night of freedom we busted out the glue guns and got to work. I finished up a few projects.

I made this on Sunday afternoon with some friends. We were produced more pumpkins than the patch down the street. I admit to scavenging stems from my local grocery store (shhh don't tell). I don't actually pull stems off, but rather look on the ground for decapitated stems.

I should have fluffed the side out a bit more...looks uneven here.
Target had some great stickers to add to cups for Halloween parties. They are awesome! I had a few empty glass jars hanging around and made some potions.

 A few years ago I bought some wooden coffins and never got around to finishing them. I spray painted them black and that was the end of it. Last night Delia embellished a coffin and I found this picture from Graphic Fairy I had printed off just because I liked it. I decided to put it on the front of the coffin with decoupage. I embellished the sides with vintage tinsel garland. I added some words and some old lace to finish it off. I have a few more I may play around with, after all the season has just begun.

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  1. Truly creepy! I sort of liked the squashed pumpkin.