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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Literary Pumpkins

My daughter has inherited the crafting bug. Unfortunately, she also has a hording gene. These two things don't make for a clean room...trust me I have experience. Her room is bazonked right now (this is a word I use frequently). My garage is bazonked right now. When I told her she needed to clean her room last night she told me I needed to clean my garage. Touche'.
We both avoided cleaning by creating something together as we watched The Amazing Race.

You can see a bit of orange showing, but for a a seven year old she did a great job!

I bought the pumpkins at Dollar Tree. They say they are carvable, but I ain't buying it. We simply ripped up an old German Literature book and really old grammar book.This may be sacrilegious for some English teachers, but since I HATE teaching grammar it is freeing in a way. Don't go calling my principal; I teach grammar I just don't like to.
Next we decoupaged strips to the pumpkin. It took me about twenty minutes to finish one. They are simple and cute. I think they would look great in an all white room. Since I have two kids, two dogs and a husband I don't know what one of those rooms look like. Maybe someday.

Here it is in it's little vignette
 This is another Dollar Tree creation. I simply made a crown out of scrapbook paper and added a little "sign" that reads Trick or Treat (sorry for the bad pictures). The final touch was a festooning neck embellishment. I heart festooning.


  1. I am loving the crow,,, so colorful and very creative! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share your ideas with us! Karin

  2. Those dollar tree pumpkins are great! I made up a similar pumpking this year, too.