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Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween House

Tis' no secret I love Halloween. Each year my love for it grows; so do my bins. I am up to seven. Okay, I will clarify. I have one box labeled "Fall", four labeled "Halloween" and two for "Thanksgiving". YIKES.
I have rules around my holiday decorating. After Labor Day autumn goes up, but come October 1st Halloween is busted out. I broke my rule this year and did it yesterday...the 30th. Each year I tinker with things. This year I decided to keep the mantle strictly autumn and steer clear of Halloween.  Last year my vintage inspired collection was in my corner cabinets. This year, I put them in my kitchen bay window front and center.

I made this lovely couple last year. The postcard is vintage French.

I made the witch hat on the stand...
Made this this two years ago
I didn't take pictures of my downstairs decorations. I always put my favs upstairs and save the rest for the man cave. I have a few new projects up my sleeve for this month...come back and see.

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