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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Stores Do It So Why Can't I?

I hate it when I walk into stores right now and already see Christmas paraphernalia. Can't we just celebrate autumn already? I have to point out I am being hypocritical right now because last Saturday I spent part of the day sewing stockings....Christmas stockings to be exact.
My friend Emma has a tradition of holding a sewing bee each fall. People come with their machines, projects, food and beverages to share and get their sewing on. I have been unable to attend, but this year I was able to steal away for a few hours.
The ladies at the bee were serious sewers (not a word I know). They were making quilts and following patterns. I on the other hand showed up with a bag of fabric, my new-to-me machine and scissors. I asked Emma for some paper and she gave me a brown paper bag. I drew a stocking patter and got to work cutting out a few ditties.
Here is what I made:

This fabric used to cover a cushion for in front of our fireplace. I loved it and when we moved I couldn't bear to throw it out. I took the fabric off the cushion and am now putting it to good use.

I have a big tub of old buttons. I love to pick them out and use them to embellish my projects. Delia actually, glued these ones on.

You may remember this fabric from a cabin inspired bench I redid. I have a few scraps left that are perfect for stockings.

I am gearing up for a busy two months. This is my FAVORITE time of year. Here is a list of our annual family activities through Thanksgiving:

Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze/Bonfire on Sauvie's Island-We go at night to avoid the day crowds. I like the beer & bonfire as well!
Fiesta Apple Trip to Hood River- This will be our 11th year attending. Kiokowa farms has over 100 varieties of apples and pears. We ride through the orchard, hit the pinata, eat tacos and load up on our fall fruit.
Harvest Fest @ my parents- They have held a pumpkin carving and eating fest for the last five years or so. My mom is known for growing huge pumpkins.
Davis Cemetery-This is an awesome yard with tons of spooky surprises and creepy sound effects. We usually enjoy a treat afterward
Trick or Treating- A pumpkin shaped pizza fuels us for a night of trick or treating. We go down our street first (eleven houses in all) and the neighbors spoil our kids. After that we go to my parent's neighborhood where there are more houses. This year Delia is going to be Punky Brewster and Drexler is going to be Raleigh Fingers. No trendy costumes for us!
Burn & Brew Day- This is a personal event. I take a day and do yard work. I make a huge fire with the yard debris, listen to my tunes and enjoy some craft beer.
Civil War Football Party- This is the annual war between the big Oregon University's football teams. The Ducks vs. The Beavers. This year will be a big one!
Drexler's Birthday Beach Trip- Each of the kids want to go to the beach for their birthday. This is part of who they are. I love it.
The Ranch- For a few years we have had the opportunity to join my brother and his wife on her families ranch in Eastern Oregon. It is a great weekend of quad riding, good food and family.

I have decided to give a bazaar another go this year as well (thus the stockings) and am toying with the idea of doing an in home sale/Demarle party as well. Call me crazy (my students do).

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  1. When I first ran a home decor store, I refused to put Christmas out until the day after Hallowe'en. Then, I realized people want to get their ideas for decorating early. Their fall is done and they want to think about what they will choose next. So, you are absolutely right to show us your stockings now! ~ Maureen