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Friday, January 25, 2013

LOVEing Pinterest

I admit to being a Pintrestaholic. I have several boards and I pin things all the time. I will say that generally, that is where it ends...pinned. Stuck on a virtual board FOREVER. I saw this on Pintrest and thought is was darling.

The original website this is from is located at: http://www.zestdigitalmag.com/blog/crafts-decor/love-canvas.php

I happened to have a blank canvas hanging on the wall in the playroom/my closet/ storage room and I had red paint. I traced and painted the letters in about twenty minutes. I determined I needed a small 50 light strand for this and ran to the craft store to find one. I found a 30 string and figured it would be enough.

Next, I took an exacto knife and punched a little hole in the canvas. The lights easily punched threw. I completed the L and half of the O and realized 30 lights would not be enough. I took a 100 light strand from my one of my Christmas boxes. This was too many, but I went with it anyway.

Obviously, my creation has more lights than the prototype.

I dare not show a picture of what the back looks like. It is UGLY. If I make another one of these I will use a brand new strand of lights simply because it will be neater. I know I have one somewhere....just can't find it right now.

This was an easy project and makes a big statement on our mantle. I am excited to try this technique using other words. I am kicking myself for not buying more strands of lights after Christmas. DARN IT.

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  1. I love Pinterest too. What a great idea! So cute. Jodi @ www.meaningfulmama.com