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Monday, January 14, 2013

Temporary Workshop

The temperatures here in Portland have been in the mid-thirties during the day and even lower at night. Right now I have a lot more time to work on projects so I want to be  spending time in my garage workshop. I tried the other night and had to resort to wearing a cheap pair of stretchy gloves as I worked. I was able to work, but noticed paint, stain and varnish took forever to dry.
Here is a glimpse at the "workshop".

I finally decided I couldn't handle the cold any longer. I drug the desk I was working on in and transformed my entryway into a temporary workshop.

The negatives of my new digs are that I have to be very careful about dragging furniture around and getting paint on my hardwoods. Another issue is if anyone comes over they are welcomed by an unfinished project.
The benefits are that I can listen to my DVRed shows (poking my head around the corner occasionally) and I can stay warm.

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  1. So, I see you take the same chances with paint that I do, lol!