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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Opening Day

I used to hate baseball. I'm not going to lie I grew up in a baseball/softball family and I was the lone non-jock. I grew to resent the game because it meant nights without dinner and weekends alone (in high school this became a good thing).
Now, I admit to getting giddy at the first sight of baseball players on a field. I buy baseball t-shirts to support my son's team (Go Angels!) and even bought this awesome bracelet to wear to games:

It is available at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrazyGirlBoutique?ref=seller_info.

Last year I started the tradition of decorating our front window for Opening Day. I kept up the tradition this year:

 This grass is only one week old. It grew so fast!

 It is really difficult for me to get a good picture of this window because of the glare on the window.

I have sold MANY baseball wreaths and have almost depleted my supply of baseballs. I am on the hunt for more. Let me know if you want to get rid of some.
The season officially starts this weekend, but we played a scrimmage last Saturday. It was  77 degrees and was delightful! I am excited for the season to start. We won't eat dinner until after 8:00, we will be at the fields all of the time and our weekends are devoted to baseball. I am keeping score for my son's team again this year and because he is now moving up to Majors I have to step up my game too. Wow, things have really changed.

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