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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sitting Pretty

I have written about my chair collection before. It is getting smaller, but is a long way from being gone. This chair has been holding a box of records in the garage for about six months.

I sold five chairs that matched it (without arms) back in January. I thought about revamping them all, but decided to get rid of them to free up some storage space. Also, I began to realize that the average chair would take me 45 minutes to complete, cost $5 (materials, etc.)  and I could only get maybe $25 per chair. This isn't the best return on investment if you ask me. I knew I could get more for a chair with arms.

This one was pretty straight foward. I sanded a bit so the paint would adhere, painted it with Miss Mustardseed's Graphite milk paint and top coated it with Annie Sloan soft wax. The seat was covered in a great Frenchy scripty fabric I picked up for next to nothing. It was a great one night project.

I actually sold this chair prior to finishing it. I posted another piece on Facebook and it happened to be in the picture. One of my friends bought it before it was even finished! I had a crazy weekend and forgot to snap a photo, but never fear my friend is a photographer.

A picture like this points out my need to take some photography lessons. She does wonderful work. You can check her out at: http://www.kimberlyorthphotography.com/. 

My entire Saturday centered around baseball games, but the weather had something else in mind. I am going to go ahead and start working on some projects!

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  1. When I went to an auction today, I forced myself to not buy one single chair. They're addictive and I have no place else to put one!