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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Frenchy Part Deux

My last post was about a set of French Provincial furniture I purchased and sold. Prior to those pieces being finished I got a call from my sister-in-law asking me if I wanted a dresser her dad was getting rid of. My friends and family always know where to go to get rid of their junk. I of course said sure and arranged to go pick it up from her parent's house. This is what was waiting for me:

Now the last piece I did was a better made piece. This one is in fantastic condition, but it wasn't as well made. It was also bigger. Let me tell you if I was in the market for a new television right now I would be keeping this baby as a media console. However, I am not in the market so this is on the market. As I type this I am also answering texts from someone who wants to come see it.

Since the first piece sold so quickly I decided to paint this with Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Old White as well.

 I painted the entire thing grey first. I decided to keep the top wood. I didn't mess with the finish because I am not sure if it is real wood under that lacquer. I will be giving the buyer the option of having the top painted or left as is. The top is really in perfect condition.

I went back over some of the details with Old White to accent them.

I didn't paint the inside because I was being lazy and because it really didn't need it.

I advertised this piece as a media console, buffet, credenza, changing table and dresser. I like furniture that can be used for different purposes. Some people don't think the same way and need a little nudging. This piece would look great being a couch as a credenza or in a dinning room as a buffet. It would also be a perfect media console. Look at the storage!
I did not waxed this piece when I listed it on Craigslist because I have determined that some people aren't fans of dark wax and once it is on you can't go back. I like to keep the options open for people.
It sold in a day. The new owners came out and took a look. They decided to go with a clear wax and to keep the top wood. They also wanted to pick it up themselves. I was stoked about this because it mean I didn't have to load it and unload it. I have been making a lot of trips to the other side of the Portland Metro (not that I am complaining).
I had my driveway clear for exactly 24 hours. My neighbors were happy, but then I got a message on Facebook. Did I want a dresser and desk? Uhhhh, of course!

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  1. You did a great job and I'm not at all surprised it sold so quickly!