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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Biting A French Bullet

A few weeks ago I picked up a French Provincial dresser and night stand. Some of these pieces have a fake plastic-type top, but these babies were solid wood. They were made by Drexel and were in great condition. I see how much these generally sell for unpainted on Craigslist and knew I could make a profit off of them for what I paid.
As my readers know I am CHEAP. Yep I hate to pay for things I can get for free or I can get for less. This is why I created my own version of chalk paint. The $38 a quart price tag is a lot of money in my book. However, I wanted to pull a bigger than usual profit from these pieces and decided to bite the French Bullet...or is it the English Bullet? Maybe both.
Camas Antiques (http://camasantiques.blogspot.com/) was having their birthday bash and was giving away a darling little necklace to the first 50 customers painted with....you guessed it Annie Sloan. To help celebrate they were offering Annie Sloan at 10% off. I had a lovely chat with Amanda from One Girl in Pink (http://onegirlinpink.blogspot.com/) . I ended up leaving with a quart of Paris Grey and Old White. 
I finally got around to painting the set over Spring Break. I finished painting the pieces and then ran out of wax. It was after five and I had to throw the towel in for the day. The next day I ran back up to Camas (a 20+ minute drive) and got some more wax. I finished the dresser and listed it on Craigslist. Twenty minutes later both pieces sold. I guess it was worth it. 

 Isn't the basket precious? I picked it up at Salvation Army for a song. It seemed to me like a bassinet of sorts. I researched it and it is indeed a bassinet from Europe. They sell for a pretty hefty price. I LOVE it and don't think I can part with it.

 Here is a view of the matching nightstand. I gave the buyer the option to add dark wax to age it, but they wanted it with the soft wax only.

I was happy it sold so fast because I picked up this baby and had both sitting in my driveway (thank goodness for our huge overhangs).

My sister-in-law'sSIL's dad loaded it for me. Yippee!

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  1. Love how these turned out. I probably wouldn't have used the dark wax, either. We hardly ever see solid wood french provincial pieces around here, just mostly those cream and gold ones from the 70s.