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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beachy Beauty

This is another one of the tables I picked up from my co-worker who is China bound. This table was from her grandparents and survived her, two sisters, college parties (and adult parties I have attended),  her own three kids, and numerous foreign exchange students.  I am not gonna lie this thing was beat up, gauged, scratched, and more. However, it is still sturdy as all get out.

I love the big chunky legs on this table...they remind me of my own! This table screamed beachy to me so I decided to paint the legs with creamy white (again thinking of my own legs) for a whitewashed look and the top in my fav, Sherwin Williams Watery. I distressed it a bit and added a top coat of Annie Sloan Soft Wax.

This baby would be perfect in my beach house if I owned one. Since I don't I will be selling it.

I also painted two side tables to match. They have great storage and style.

The funny thing is while I don't own a beach house a co-worker does. She saw these and wants to do a trade for these. It is a win-win situation. I get two nights in her beach house, she gets the tables. In a way I guess I do get to enjoy them in a beach house!

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