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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beachy Dresser

Around our house we have a need to breath the ocean air about every three months or we begin to get grumpy. As a result we have stayed in many different beach houses throughout the years. When Drexler was younger every time we were headed to the beach he would ask, "Which of our beach houses are we going to stay in this time?" It made us sound like we were super rich with several beach properties.
Alas, on teacher's salaries we don't own a beach house. We are fortunate to be able to go to the beach often. Most of the time the houses we stay in have kitchy tacky beach themes of mismatched stuff the owners don't want to use in their regular house.
I love beach decor and many of my pieces are inspired by shore. This piece is not exception.

This is the dresser from my friend Gayle. I had to do a bit of work on one drawer, but other than that it was easy piece to refinish. I painted the top with a random cream (you know those containers of leftover paint that you have hanging around) and the bottom with a Sherwin Williams color I can't remember the name of right now. I sanded the drawers and top a bit before I began to paint, but neglected to do the sides. When I was paining one side the paint wasn't adhering in a few areas. I added some of my secret ingredient and turned it into Dickey's Chalk Paint. This solved the problem.

Next I roughed up the paint and shabified it. Finally, I put a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax. The first picture was taken with my phone, the other pictures don't show the coloring as well.

I am hoping this piece sells quickly because I have the following pieces to clear out of my garage/driveway right now:

Waterfall style dresser
French Provincial dresser
Buffet/bench (I am soooo excited to work on this one)
Kitchen table
Big desk
Little desk
3 Lyre chairs
2 Frenchy chairs
2 End tables
1 Coffee table
Radio Cabinet

I believe that is it. Whew.

*I posted a picture of this on Facebook last night and wouldn't you know it the same lovely person who bought the desk purchased this. I am going to paint another dresser for them to match.

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