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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet and Petite

My husband called me a few weeks ago and wanted me to come look at a tablesaw he found at a garage sale near our home. I have been wanting a tablesaw and he figured this one would meet my needs. He is so sweet to think of me. However, when I got there I found out the real reason he had called was because they had a signed Trailblazer basketball. "Oh I forgot to mention that," he said.
We ended up with the tablesaw, the basketball and quite a few pieces of furniture. I am sure he regretted calling me in the end. The good news was he was there to help me load it and he had his truck.

This desk was one of the pieces. It looked like it was from the 30s or 40s. It had a nice back on it that would allow it to be a floating desk in a room.

Upon taking off the hardware last night I came to realize this desk isn't as old as it appears to be. I think it is an 80s copy catter. The construction is sound, but not the same as an older piece.

I stripped the top and the wood underneath was beautiful in my opinion. I decided not to paint the top and to simply add a coat of poly to it. The roping detail was pretty dirty. After spending some time with a toothbrush and soapy water I realized there was no way I would be able to restain it without some major effort. I decided to paint it and use dark wax on it to bring out the details.
The desk is painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey and the drawers are Old White. I top coated the rest of the desk in clear soft wax.

I have been so busy trying to get the yard and pool summer ready that staging my furniture for pictures isn't a big priority. Part of the problem is we simply aren't home during daylight. With both kids in baseball I come home and get things ready for the next day, clean up and then we head out to a game. We typically get home around eight, eat and  then I head out to the garage to work. Let's just say lighting isn't at its prime at 9:00 at night. Someday.

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