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Monday, May 13, 2013

Peacock Dresser

I had a dresser that sat in my garage stuffed with various nails, tools, electrical junk and more for the last seven years. I recently purchased a dresser and it was a buy one get one free deal. I had to take this one in order to get the other. I almost took it to Goodwill. It isn't really wood and was horribly painted and stripping such a cheap piece was out of the question in my book...painting it would be a waste of time even in my world. I decided to keep it and trade my old catch-all dresser with it.

This dresser is solid wood, but it is very thin pine. The drawers all worked, but they weren't all that big. It would make a perfect dresser for those baby through toddler years, but after that they are just to small to fit much in the way of clothes. It would also be a good dresser for an office or crafting space.

Anyway, I painted it with the evasive Peacock (a $1 quart I found at a salvage store).  I will be honest, I would never put this color in my house, but I like it a lot in other's homes. It just isn't my cup of tea.

I realize again that this is a horrible picture. I struggle with photography. I have a decent enough camera, BUT...

1. The lighting in my garage/workshop stinks
2. The item sells and I have forgotten to get decent pictures
3. I'm lazy

No excuse for it. I am going to make a goal for myself this summer to become a better photographer. Honestly. No excuses.

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