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Monday, May 13, 2013

She's Outta Here

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a message on Facebook and asked me if I would like a desk and dresser. They were mine if I could come pick them up pronto. Lickity split I galloped to her house and picked them up. They were better than I imagined. It is funny how some people's idea of beat up and mine are totally different.

The desk was petite and solid pine. Gayle's husband had started to refinish it and aborted the mission. This made the desk even better for me. All I had to do was sand the top down a bit more and it was good to go.

I stained the top with a dark cherry and painted the bottom with Dickey's Chalk Paint (I need to trademark it ) in Watery, one of my favorite Sherwin William's colors. I stained the knobs to match and top coated it with wipe on poly.

I snapped a quick picture (ugh...) with my cell phone and posted it to Facebook. Within twenty minutes I had three people offer to buy it. I was happy the first responder was a friend whose daughter has been a buddy of Drexler's since preschool. They went to elementary school together for several years, played soccer together and will attend the same middle school next year. I am happy this cutie went home to Olivia!

As you can see I have been absent from Blogland lately. With both kids playing baseball right now we have our evenings pretty full. Additionally, we have had two beautiful weeks of temperatures in the mid-70s-80s. This is unheard of here in Oregon; no rain and clear days. As a result we were forced to get the pool summer ready a few weeks early. A lot of my time and attention has gone to yard projects. I'm not complaining, but I am glad this weeks forecast calls for rain. My plants need water and I need to get back to painting!

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