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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Got The World On A String

A few months back I was asked to cover for a teacher who had an emergency and had to leave during the day. As I was leaving their classroom I spotted a broken globe. I am sure this was the work of a budding engineer, and now it would be mine. I took it and later asked the teacher if I could keep it. He laughed and said, "It is payment for watching my class." Seemed like a deal to me.

I brought it home and with the help of IKEA's hanging light kit created this:

The bulb in the light is pink because everyone has pink lightbulbs lying around.

It literally took me a drill bit, my electric scissors (gosh I love those things...I need to do ads for them) and ten minutes later it was done. Wait...make that twenty because I just decided I want to paint the inside silver.

It is pictured hanging in my daughter's room because I had a hook in the ceiling. She wants to keep it, but I have other plans for it. It will be for sale on my Etsy site very soon.

I can make another one, but the world would be upside down and we can't have that. I actually think I am going to make a funky bowl out of it. Mmmm.

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