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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinkified Room Reveal

The battle of my daughter's bedroom has ended. Originally she wanted a "French" room. I admit I got giddy with excitement. I envisioned some black, white, light pink...maybe some bright pink. Her vision was very different. The battle began. We have spent several months coming up with a plan. I painted her furniture first:

I left her IKEA dresser and Kirkland trundle white. Next, I searched for the perfect pink. In the end I went with Behr's Candy Tuft. I love their primer/paint combo. After the paint dried I sort of wished I would have gone a shade lighter, but my daughter wanted a shade darker so this was our compromise. Her walls were AWFUL. I painted her room when we first moved in. It was a dark khaki color. It went well with the French black and white toile she used to have when she was a wee little thing. Alas, kids grow up.
The walls in our house are flat. Not a bump on them. They were meant to sport wallpaper and the entire house was wallpapered at some point in time. We really should re texture them, but right now it isn't on my list of things to do. My daughter's walls had taken a beating in six-and-a-half-years. Marks, random nicks and even dried liquid (Do I want to know?). Some of you may say, "I dream of flat walls". Don't. They are a pain to paint and every mistake shows. The only positive thing about flat walls is I can do this:

This mural was super easy. I found a crown graphic on Google images and wrote her name in a great font. Next, I photo copied it onto a transparency.

 I used an overhead to project the image on the wall. Mr.Dickey made sure it was level.

I traced the image with a pencil and then filled it in with Martha Stewart metallic paint I picked up at Home Depot. I thought it might need two coats, but one coat was perfect.

I LOVE it and so does she. Don't you love the mirror below her name. I know it seems low, but it is the perfect height for her. She loves to sing into her portable speaker and watch herself (she wants a stage, but that is a project for the future).

I have been on the lookout for a new bedspread, but this one seems to work okay. I bought it at an estate sale a few years back. It is reversible and has a matching curtains (unfortunately they match the funky floral print on the other side). The pillow shams are those fancy schmancy European kind. I found them online for $129 each. YIKES. I picked them up at the Goodwill bins for about .75 cents each. Harvey likes the bed a lot.

Curtains also posed a problem. They are so expensive and many of them available were not the right color or just wouldn't work for us. We picked these up for $18 at Camas Antiques (http://camasantiques.blogspot.com/). They are perfect. A little on the shabby side and a soft white color. They really brighten up the room and break up the pink. Someone paid a bundle for these lined babies, but not me!

*My next adventure is to try and make the hamster cage look a little more...pink.
 We added a shelf above her desk for her knick knacks. I can easily add another shelf when she acquires more.

 Eventually I would love to replace the carpet in her room, but it isn't in the budget right now.
Here is a breakdown of the costs-
Desk/chair- $5 paint (I used this paint on several other projects as well. I buy quart size paint at Sherwin Williams for most of my small painting projects)
Shelf-$8 (I had the board on hand and simple painted it, the brackets were from IKEA. They were black, but I sprayed them silver)
Curtains-$18 and $3 for tiebacks (I picked them up new in the package at Salvation Army)
Mirror-Free (I have had it for years and spray painted it using paint I had on hand)
 Lamps/Shades-$20 (Both lamps were thrift store finds and fabric was on clearance. The shades were from IKEA for $5 each. I still need to paint crowns on them, but all in due time.)

Total-$95 give or take. That is what I'm talking about!

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  1. A room fit for a princess--so many wonderful details. Thanks for linking up!