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Thursday, April 26, 2012

They Don't Smell

I love paper whites or Narcissus. I savor their smell as well.  My husband HATES the smell. When they are blooming he will walk in the room sniff and ask, "Did a cat pee in here?" We don't have cats and I'm pretty sure the dogs would freak if one made it into the house. Wait. It is the Narcissus.
I plant them every year for Christmas and Valentine's Day and every year it is the same battle.

Last night I met my sister at Goodwill for some shopping and low and behold I spotted a box with twelve stems of faux paper whites. These weren't you average cheap fake flowers. These were the kind you find in high end shops that look real. They were brand new and Goodwill had no idea what they originally cost because they hadn't gauged the price. All of these babies cost me $6.99.

When my husband walked in he noticed them in the trophy vase and started sniffing. "They aren't real!" I proclaimed. "Well they look like they are." Score. Even the leaves bend on these babies. Maybe I will sell them, maybe I won't. I will still be planting them at Christmas, because I like cat pee.

Here is a nest I found in the pool bed the other day. I added it to my collection on the mantle. I shouldn't have packed my Robin's eggs with the Easter stuff.

Today is my birthday and Mr.Dickey sent me some real flowers at work. Have you ever been in a classroom full of 8th graders when the teacher gets flowers? They began to chant, "Read the card, read the card". They can be so weird.

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