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Friday, April 13, 2012

Put Me In Coach!

I will admit to being a baseball mom. I wasn't always one. No sirree. The first season my son played I was MIA taking three graduate level classes at once. The next season I tolerated it. Last year I fell in love. This year I am nuts.

My son, Drexler is playing minors this year. He is a pitcher and infielder extraordinaire. Here is is last year:

 He is a big Boston Red Sox fan. This year he was drafted to the Yankees (his most hated team). Cie la vie.

I spotted a wreath made out of baseballs on Pintrest. A ball landed on my head and I realized after I cleaned up the Easter decor I would decorate our front window in a  baseball theme. Wahoo! I have been planning it for the last two weeks.

While I loved the wreath that started it all I thought I would make it easier on myself. I am not a big fan of drills. A side note. Did you know balls are hard to come by? I bought a bucket of about 15 for $12 at a thrift store (this KILLED ME). I searched for free and cheap ones, but no such luck.
The back (U-G-L-Y you don't got no alibi you ugly). The one I saw on Pintrest was much nicer looking. The inventor of the wreath drilled holes in each ball...I don't like drills. I simply took an old Christmas wreath frame (you know those cheap green ones) and hot glued the balls to it. I used a lot of glue, but it worked.

Here is my window:
A closer look at the banner I made:

It says Play Ball. Banners are so hard to photograph (well for someone who is a second grade photography skills).

The grass in the container will grow taller eventually. I added an old mitt, a trophy (made that too), some more balls, bats, and of course some Red Sox gear. I hope to add a baseball lamp soon (I will post it when I am finished).

I am really happy with how this vignette turned out. My son is too. He usually rolls his eyes and says, "Mom why do you like this crazy stuff. No one cares about decorations". I admit if I was a ten-year-old boy I wouldn't give a fig newton about decor. This time around he digs it in a stand offish boy sort of way. Dududududa. Dududhduah. Gotta go my phone just rang and the game is about to start (Yes, my ring tone is Centerfield...what are you going to do about it?)


  1. I am a life-long baseball fan. I have never seen anything like your baseball wreath. I'm going to give that a try. 3 of my 4 kids are playing soccer this season. I'm a bummed mom but will root them on with soccer (which I don't understand at all). Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your season!!!

  2. How cool! My friend would love the baseball wreath!

  3. Oh my gosh this is so creative. My best friend's daughter plays college softball and has a milestone birthday coming up. This would be so much fun to do for her.

  4. This is to stinking cute. What a great job. I would love it if you showed it off at my new linky party @ Kampenlane.com.

    I can't wait to see what else you create.


  5. Love this all ways looking for baseball things.Wreath real cute.Both my gransons play BB Started out T_Ball now oldest playing Jr. High School & going start Touraments the other playing Rec& Tour. We love it have great time Lot's Dad's & Mom's but few Granma & granpa's I'm67 & he's 69. They have tell us calm down ha,ha,Enjoy them Honey Keep up good crafting..

  6. I love this idea - especially the used look of the baseballs and how it pops on your red door. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I could do something similar. Baseballs are really hard to come by in Germany. Hmpf! Any ideas?

    1. You can always paint styrofoam balls that you can find a craft store.

  7. Love this wreath! I love your sons name...so unique. Megan

  8. I love the wreath and your bunting is adorable! Nice job!

  9. What a fabulous baseball wreath! I love the idea of decorating during sports season for your son! Thanks for linking up to Terrific Under Ten Tuesday!
    I featured your wreath on my facebook page today!

  10. I love your decoration. The wreath, especially is really cool.

  11. I love the wreath. I am your newest follower. I hope you will follow me back at http://sister-number-5.blogspot.com

  12. The wreath and decor are so nice I would love it if you would stop by and link this up on my new linky party, Dare to Share.


  13. I LOVE this and so hope you'd add it to my red, white and blue party for Memorial Day/July 4th on Teagan's Travels. Here's a link to the Stars and Stripes party if you have time!


    Thanks, Michelle

  14. Your baseball window turned out great!

  15. I'm SUCH a Red Sox fan, so obviously I love it. My hubs also loves baseball, however he roots for the bad guys (Yankees). I think both of us could appreciate that wreath! Very cute. Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!

  16. By the way... featured you!


  17. Very cute! And funny thing, my son-in-law is a college baseball coach so my daughter finds baseballs everywhere!

  18. Hi, I just found your blog. I have to say, I find baseball extremely boring, but that baseball wreath of yours is just the cutest!!! If I had a son, I would SO make one of those. I was also checking out your fencing post, very creative way of getting inexpensive fencing! And...I just became your newest follower, yay! I would SO appreciate you following back! Thanks so much!

  19. Can I say, "Beautiful?" Love your post and the wreath is awesome!

    I found you through Michelle's Party~
    I'm also hosting one- Red, White and BLue- link up anything with those colors and Patriotic pictures, crafts and recipes!

    I"d love for you to join in. Mine is also a contest and I will pin all post that link up on Pinterest!

    Come join the fun! Susie


  20. My son has played baseball for five years and he has a TON of those "game balls" in his room that I've never known what to do with. Genius idea on the wreath! Can't wait to try it.

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