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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Put A Bird On It

I live on the outskirts of Portland. If you haven't seen the IFC hit Portlandia you really should watch it http://www.ifc.com/shows/portlandia. It is smart, humorous and stereotypically true. One episode follows the main characters (Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live Fame) as they wander through an independently owned trendy shop. Business is slow and in order to sell more merchandise they decide to put birds on everything. Portland has a thing for birds. As a result a catch phrase with my family and friends is "Put a bird on it." I did just that with this piece:

I bought this table last fall at an estate sale. I hoped to use it as a coffee table in my own home. Our old table (RIP little table) was a favorite. It had a ledge so things wouldn't roll of it and a shelf underneath for storage. My husband also liked to prop his feet there. As a result the table broke several times and finally had to be laid to rest.
Originally this baby was a light carmel color. I sanded it and stained it to match the rest of our wood in the living room,  but alas Mr.Dickey is picky about his coffee tables and this one wasn't up his alley. It sat in my garage waiting for some inspiration. One day Ms.Delia came into the garage while I was working and told me to put a bird on it. So I did.
First, I found some birds on Graphics Fairy and printed them. Next I traced them onto the table using charcoal paper. I was going to paint the birds in, but I was being lazy so I used my handy dandy paint pens instead. Finally, I put a coat of poly on (in this picture it is still a little wet). Now, I have a table trendy enough for even the hippest Portland zip codes.

The best thing about this table is it can become larger..house party anyone?

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  1. I love your birds on "it". I'm dying to do this on my dining room table. And I don't think I'll be asking my husband if he likes it. Thanks for the inspiration.