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Thursday, May 31, 2012

World Lit & Big News

I took this class my Sophomore year in college. World Lit. It wasn't one of my favorites. I think I might dig it now. Anywhoser (how do you spell that?) I found myself with two Southern Hemispheres after my globe lights were sold on Etsy. Both were a little rough, but luckily they fit together with a little help from my glue gun. I wish the world could come together like that!
Next, I decoupaged strips of various pages from some books I had that were falling apart. I painted the ugly wooden base with some Annie Sloan and presto I have a funky decoration perfect for those who have taste like me. I am going to list this on Etsy but if it doesn't sell there you may be able to pick it up at wait for it...my Trunk Sale.
Yep, after attending a tent sale a few weeks ago I decided to hold my own. My sale will take place on July 12th. More details soon!

I am recouping after the strike. Life is finally getting back to it's normal chaos. We ratified our contract and I am happy with what we fought for. This weekend we were able to escape to the beach for a few nights. We relaxed and simply enjoyed each other's company. The dogs even had a good time!

 Howie plunked down right in a shallow pool after chasing the ball.

Drexler and his Mohawk. We only allow him to choose his haircut on the last day of school. This year we allowed him to get it the day we began to strike. We were that convinced it might go for the rest of the year. I am happy we went back, but the Mohawk isn't my favorite look for him!

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