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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Almost Here...

For some Memorial Day is the beginning of summer. For my family and most of my friends it is the last bell of the school year. School is out on Wednesday. The next few days will be CRAZY. There is 8th grade promotion, a big dance, my own kid's school parties and getting my room cleaned up. This year to add a cherry on top my son made the All Star team for baseball. I am to the moon and so excited, but summer isn't here yet.
The proof is my garage...

Project anyone? I have a few I am itching to start such as this one:

 Isn't she a beauty? The ideas are all over the place!

This one is very simple, but with some paint will be sure sell! Great small size too.

This one was given to me. It is press board, but I have some ideas to make it look like the real deal.

I started painting this little bench tonight with Annie Sloan Paris Grey.

Here is one thing I finished. This table is Annie Sloan Antoinette and Paris Grey. I envision it as a sweet little nursing table for a new mama. The lighting didn't cooperate with me for these pictures.

When the final bell rings on Wednesday I am going to take an evening off and relax with some of the greatest people on earth (my co-workers) and then it will be a blissful three weeks of nothing but projects!

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