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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Hate Homework

I snatched this up on Craigslist last week.

 I LOVE navy blue and this desk was right up my alley. It was in decent shape. The drawers work, the keyboard tray slides and there was no major damage. The body has a navy blue stain on it and other than a few spots where someone had stuck stickers some white smudges it was in great shape. I took my handy dandy Goof Off to it and away it went. The top on the other hand was a bit rough. I am not a blonde wood fan. I think the light wood dated this piece a bit and to me it seemed to scream for a dark stained top. I could visualize it in my mind. First I used a stripper to get the varnish off. Not a lot came off. Mmmm. Next I got out the belt sander and began to sand. It was tough work. Finally, I got out my paint eater. Opps. There went the veneer and now I was onto faux wood of some kind.

My plan to stain the top wasn't going to work with this piece. I tried it and it simply wouldn't soak into the "wood". I decided to paint it with my new chalk paint concoction. I mixed up a batch using Sherwin William's Jubilee and began to paint. I liked the grey with the navy. It reminded me of baseball...specifically the Red Socks. Can you tell I have baseball on the brain?
An hour later my paint had dried and my secret recipe chalk paint worked. It was stuck on like glue. I busted out some sand paper to distress it and I actually had to work a little. Wahoo. I have created an awesome substitute for good old Annie Sloan (I will be writing a lot about this chalk paint don't worry).

The back is perfect for storage. Originally I was going to sell this piece, but we decided it was perfect for Drexler's "room". Hopefully we move it downstairs this week. I am sure the Red Sox swag will look perfect on it.

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