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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden Glory

It has been an odd spring here in Oregon. We have had some 90 degree weather and then we have had rain. Not our normal rain, but torrential downpours and several thunder storms. As a result I haven't been able to get my normal spring yard cleaning in. The "jungle" is looking more jungly than ever. Today I spent forty five minutes cutting a trail through ivy that had taken over a path. It is hard sometimes to see the beauty of a garden when all you notice are the weeds. I tried really hard to notice the beauty today.

An awesome Hosta. Not sure of the name, but I love the color.

The lime green Hosta in this pot is called Cracked Corn I believe. It really likes the pot (I am really bothered by the hose running through this picture).

The first clematis bloom of the season.

These pansies are volunteers. I plant purple pansies in my porch planters every spring and this is what I get in the beds beneath.

Holy Hostas! I just finished telling my friend my Hostas weren't that big. Sorry Denise, I lied. I think I need to divide these in the fall.

I rescued this peony from a vacant lot. I LOVE the way it looks next to my purple Pentstomon.

I don't put cages around my peonies and as a result they flop. I am forced to cut a lot of them. I think I might do it on purpose.

Aren't they delicious?

I like to have one day during the summer where I can say the yard is perfect. Maybe it will happen, or maybe not.


  1. Between the wacky weather and my wacky schedule, my yard is a disaster! I'm kind of glad someone else is battling weeds and losing. It's all very pretty anyway! ~ Maureen

  2. I like your light pink peonies, so far I only have darker shades but plan to order this colour too. The host is the first photo is gorgeous.

  3. The hosta, clematis blossom and peonies are gorgeous! And good for your with that beautiful penstemon--most of mine have died out over time--maybe because of the weather? I feel your pain about the weather--I'm in SW Washington state, and it has been crazy weather lately. Supposed to maybe have a break in the rain tomorrow, so I hope to get back to planting veggi starts.