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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Pinch to Grow An Inch

Do you remember saying this to people after you sang Happy Birthday to them? My beautiful niece Olivia recently turned one. She is a doll face and I have to admit she looks an awful lot like Ms.Delia when she was the same age.
My brother and his wife recently bought their "forever" house. It doubled their space and has given Sarah a blank slate to work with.
She decided to do the downstairs playroom in a vintage school room theme. Since she is a teacher this seems appropriate. (Random fact- My mom was an elementary school secretary for twenty five years. The last part of that was for my husband's best friend who was her principal. I teach, my husband teaches, my sister teaches, my sister-in law teaches. My grandpa was a teacher and I have two aunts that are teachers. How do you like them apples)
She used gutters for book trays, etc., vintage school desks, old wooden theater seats and more to make this room adorable.
Any how when I saw this ruler on Pintrest I knew I had to make it for Olivia's birthday. After all, it has the perfect room to live in!

I bought the board from Home Depot for about $7. I stained it with some walnut stain I had on hand. After that I used transfer paper and traced the letters and lines onto it. Then, I simply used my handy dandy paint pen to color in the letters. Finally, I used soft wax as a protective layer.

I love how it turned out and hope to make a few more to sell at my Trunk Show in July. Methinks they will be popular.

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