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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beachy Desk Part Deux

Back in March I painted a great desk that sold super fast. I vowed if I ever found one like it I would snatch it up. One night I was wasting time on Craigslist and spotted this.

Perfect size and it needed no work (except paint of course). I posted a picture on Facebook and asked if anyone was interested. Three people responded within a few hours. First come, first get in my book. My lovely friend Emma wanted a desk for her daughter,Dahlia who just began Kindergarten. I decided to make this a twin of the one I sold in March.

I ended up repainting the area where the D was and doing a different style D. My paint smeared a little when I put the poly on so I had to fix it.

Dahlia and Emma loved it. Since they are friends I got to stick around and see her use it. I love this color, Watery by Sherwin Williams. Opps. That reminds me they have paint on sale for 40% off through tomorrow. I better get to getting.


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