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Sunday, September 23, 2012

On The Side Of The Road

My mom had  been with me a half an hour before my cell phone rang. "Leah you have to go up to Corbett to get this china hutch on the side of the road. It is free." My heart started racing. What? Where? A million questions pop into my mind. I was just leaving the baseball field (of course) and was in my trusty Volvo. Chris and Drex were still at the field. I raced up the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway and followed my mom's cryptic directions.
There sitting on the side of the road at the bottom of a gravel drive was a large china hutch. It was worn, but sturdy. All but one of the glass doors was intact.

Delia and I waited for twenty minutes for the boys and the truck to arrive. I am sure we looked strange sitting on the of a road with a peice of furniture. Once they got there we quickly loaded it up and headed home. This baby was heavy and big. We sat her in front of the garage (thank goodness for large overhangs) and she hung out there all summer long. My neighbors love our furniture store.

I could not figure out what to do with her. I really liked her and wanted her to be special. I envisioned her in red. I imagined her Ralph Lauren mettalic blue. Off white? Shades of grey? I posted her on Facebook for some advice. One of my friends from elementary school (gotta love Facebook) suggested black. The thought never crossed my mind. Several people chimed in and aggreed.

Not quite finished

This Facebook post also brought me a sale. A friend from high school just moved into a new house and loved this lady in her distressed state. She thought the black idea was fabu. I took her measurements and Eryn decided she had to have this lady.

Here she is ready to go:

The metal on the windows as a different element....

I sometimes wonder how much to charge. This is something I struggle with. Now you all know I got this one for free. However, I had to replace the light and one pane of glass. Those things cost money and take time to deal with. I had to sand her. I had to clean her. I had to paint her. I had to touch her up. In the end, Eryn is paying for my time. I guess that is why they say. Time is money.


  1. Dang! I need to drive your way more often. Lucky!!

  2. Congrats on finding the wonderful early american looking piece I am being really drawn to this style of furniture it has the dry sink look to it. It looks awesome and it would be 1500 or more at PB. awesome job congrats