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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Copy Cat Pumpkin

About a month ago I was at my friend Carrie's house. Sitting on the counter were three amazing velvet pumpkins.  Her husband had found them at a shop while they were on vacation. He bought them. She thought it was funny because he usually could care less about that kind of stuff. I could see why he bought them they were lovely; the price however wasn't.
After looking them over I told her we could make them. This week we finally got together to try it.

 I had been to two other stores to find autumnal shades of velvet with no luck. Guess it was time to go to Fabric Depot. I am lucky to live close to one of the best fabric stores in the US. No, seriously they bus people down from Canada (seven hours away) to shop here. The day I went in happened to be one of their rare 35% off days. SCORE! (On a side note I had an epiphany that the customers at the fabric store were getting younger and hipper OR I was getting older and less cool. #Portlandhipsters)

I had tried my at one prior to Carrie and her daughter Ashley coming over. It worked out okay, but she had heard using a square would make the top more "scrunchy". She was right.

Pre rice stuffing.

Finished product. The original ones had real stems. We used twigs for some, but I took the stems off some of my acorn squash for a few. I might get in trouble for "stealing" stems off of gourds at the store this fall. Will you bail me out?

Steps...(I admit to teaching for a living, but I don't do tutorials well).

1. Cut out a velvet square.
2. Use a loose stitch around the edges. It
 is important to double, or triple, your thread. I suggest using a heavy duty thread.
3. Stuff pumpkin with rice drawing up the thread as you go. We used a funnel thanks to the common sense of my lovely seven-year-old's logic.
4. Tie string tightly. Be careful not to break it.
5. Hot glue stem and leaves.


  1. Perfect level of squishiness on those pumpkins! Thanks for the idea of stealing the stems. lol ~ Maureen

  2. Your pumpkins are so lovely! Great colours. I love velvet.. it's so tactile. Found you through Time to Shine party and am your newest follower.
    Tuula :)