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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Rules & Giveaway

School started Tuesday. Depression hit our house on Monday night around 6:00. While we love teaching, and were looking forward to getting back to the routine, we were also sad to see summer slip away. Instead of dwelling on the inevitable I decided to do a little craftying.

I found this project on Pintrest. My inspiration was this ditty:

From polkadotchair.com.

Believe it or not wooden rulers are not all that easy to find. My sister (who is also a teacher) happened to have a stockpile and gave me twenty or so. I adapted this wreath a bit. Instead of using a wooden hoop like she did I used my green wire frame:

I have these for sale on my Etsy site for $1.50.  They were difficult to find at my local craft stores. I finally went to a wholesaler and bought a TON.
I used my circular saw to cut the rulers. Let me tell you sawing rulers is EASY since I always knew exactly where my cut should be. No measuring! I decided to go with varying lengths just to be different.

The back is UGLY, but hey who sees it? My maiden name was Altig and apparently my sister bought these rulers before she was married.

After hot gluing the rulers down I was ready to embellish:

 I love the way it turned out. I think the black and cream look lovely on my red door. I even found a ribbon I bought that looks like a tape measurer. How perfect is that?

Giveaway! If you leave a comment below one winner will receive two fancy green wreath frames so they can make their own wreath. The winner will be drawn at random.

I also changed out the window from my "French Summer" motif to a "Back to School" vignette. The clock is from a local elementary school and still has the bell schedule written on a sheet of paper inside. My husband's grandmother gave it to me. If I was nice I would donate it back to the school...I'm not nice. I made the banner last year. It is hard to photograph, but it says, "Go Dickeys!" I think we might need the pom poms and bullhorn to get us moving.

I found this type writer at a garage sale for $10. It worked for a few weeks, but alas my kids have messed with it. Do you think I can find someone to fix it?



  1. Super cute and great, practical giveaway for us crafters!! :)

  2. p.s. you probably aren't getting comments because you need to turn off the word verification. I had to try 4 times before it let me comment. Most people won't mess with it. Just letting you know! Hope that helps! :)