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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Demarle Devotion

About six years ago my husband asked me to go to a party a co-worker was having. He had no idea what they were selling, but he wanted me to go because she had been a huge support to him his first year of teaching. Ugh. I hate in home in home sale parties, but I went. It changed my life...sort of.
Demarle originated in France. It is best known for Silipats,  made famous via Martha Stewart. They are also well known in the restaurant industry. This flexible bakeware is made from silicone, fiberglass, and I dont know what else. I do known it is magic.
Over the years I have picked up an assortment of pieces. Demarle isn't cheap. The average piece is $40-$60. My friends know I am cheap (insert chuckles here), but when it comes to Demarle I will fork out some money...it is that good.

Photo from Pintrest.

The basic premise is Demarle is non stick. No spray, no flour, nothing needed. It was originally designed for baking, but it can be used for so much more. Here is a list of how I use mine:

Cooking casseroles     Roasting veggies     Basic baking     Meatloaf     Roasting meat
Chocolate/cheese molded bowls     Grilled cheese sandwiches (I can make six at a time)
Cookies     Pizza      Egg McMuffins(see below)    Freezing soups/leftovers in individual serving sizes
Fancy ice cubes     Jello molds     Brownies w/ a cavity for frosting/fillings

This list could go on and on. The great thing is cleaning is as simple as soap and water. There is no scrubbing. I am a lazy cook so this is essential. Did I mention it is easy to store as well? I can fit twelve pieces in one drawer...no joke. We go to the beach several times throughout the year and tend to cook gourmet meals there because we have the time. I can slip this stuff in a bag and it takes up no space.

Alright do I sell this stuff? Nope. I could since I believe in it that much, but alas I just don't need anymore on my plate. However, I am hosting a party on the 15th. Friends will come, eat, drink and perhaps buy.   I have my eye on a few new pieces and with the holidays coming up I am sure it will be used. You can check it out at www.demarleathome.com.

This photo is from Pintrest, however this is one of my favorite molds.

Now back to the Egg sMcMuffins. Demarle makes a dish (not sure what else to call it) that has eight circle shapes. On Sunday night  I take a dozen eggs and put two in each cavity. I often put only egg whites in a few and leave out the yolks. I crack the yolks, add a bit of salt and pepper and bake them at 350  for twenty minutes. After they cool I put them in a container for the week.
In the morning I pop one out put it on an English muffin ( they fit perfectly), place a sausage patty or bacon (also made on Sunday on a Demarle product), a slice of cheese and place into a bag. My husband and I take them to work where we warm them up and eat them. Delicious. My students try to buy them off of me, but alas I can't share my food :-).


  1. As the daughter in law of a former DeMarle rep, I can tell you that the dishes are called molds. And they are amazing.

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