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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Opps I Did It Again...

I decided to give milk paint another go. I kind of had to since I bought a sampler pack and still have five more colors to try. This time I actually watched the tutorial and used my hand held mixer to stir the paint (If you live with me you may not want to use the wire whisk attachment ever again.). I used Tricycle this time. It seemed appropriate for the holidays. I mixed it well and liked my results much better than the first time!

My son is a huge Red Sox fan. This summer I painted this desk for him:

 He has used a tiny table as a nightstand since we moved into our house seven years ago. As he gets older it is not big enough to hold his "stuff". Five-year-olds don't need alarm clocks or chargers...eleven-year-olds do. A few months ago (okay it was actually back in July) I picked up a solid wood night stand with two drawers for $7. This baby was in good condition and was SOLID. It reminded me of a relative's furniture purchased in the 1990s for big bucks from a furniture store that specialized in oak. It was nice, but certainly dated. I decided to paint it red so it could go with the whole Red Sox theme we have going (and it also goes with his other favorite The Portland Trail Blazers).

Here it is:

I forgot I need to get him a new bed skirt. Believe me an eleven-year-old boy will not remind you about bed skirts.

I had a little extra left and decided to paint the plain pine frame of this chalkboard. Doesn't it just scream  sing Christmas?

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  1. Cool room for an eleven year old sports fan! That end table will take the wear and tear four sure.