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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Growing up we spent Thanksgiving raking leaves at my Grandma's in Central Oregon. My parents would clean her yard, my Grandma would cook and the kids would run amok. Late in the afternoon we sat down to a delicious meal. This picture is vivid in my mind.
Drexler was born a week before Thanksgiving. Throughout my pregnancy I craved Thanksgiving dinner. After my C-section I was told to take it easy, but alas Thanksgiving dinner won out. Mr.Dickey and I headed out the door with Drexler and planned on spending the day showing him off. Major mistake.
To make a long story short I had a nursing melt down and wound up at the hospital hooked up to an industrial "milker". The next month is fuzzy, but all I can say is my stress got the best me. Stressed breast feeder +  lazy nurser = Not fun.
I eventually got things down (with lots of support from my friends and husband) and Drexler nursed for an entire year. However, the following Thanksgiving we decided we would have the  dinner at our house to avoid chaos (real smart huh?).
Over the last ten years I have come to accept I am a control freak when it comes to Thanksgiving. We open our home to anyone who wants to come. Sometimes my family pops in, but usually it is my husband's family. I have a hard time making food assignments because I want things my way. I smoke my turkey, make the potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and other dishes. Our guests bring appetizers, pies, and salads. I enjoy prepping and cooking all day with my coffee and later on, wine. A few years ago I had another meltdown. This time I was upset that my family was never all together for Thanksgiving. We started the tradition that every two years the Altig's (my maiden name) would go somewhere for Thanksgiving with just the immediate family. This includes: my parents, my three siblings and their spouses and five nieces and nephews. I love these years. Next year our plan is to head to the beach. I CAN'T WAIT.

With all of that being said I also love to decorate for Thanksgiving:

I may, or may not, get to creating a few more Thanksgiving projects. Enjoy this time of year...I will.

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