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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Decor

Last Sunday I cracked open my Easter boxes and decorated. Easter used to be my second biggest decorating holiday, but Halloween/Fall is now WAY in the lead. I think I mentioned this is a previous post, but I am in a holiday decorating transition phase. When my kids were younger I had many kid oriented decorations. As they get older I have passed many of these on to my nieces and nephews (#best Aunt ever). I also decided to get rid of a few decorations that I am tired of repairing every year. I had a lovely 14" bunny statue, but his head fell off. I have glued it three years in a row. Guess what happens every time I open my Easter boxes? I find his head detached again. I finally let Ichabod Crane have it. Here is a peek at some of my decor:

The chick side...
 The bunny side...
 All together now...

Attack of the fluffy bunnies...

The mantle. Still not feeling this, but I have some weekend plans.

 Instead of buying cut flowers I started to go to the garden center and buy potted ones. These hyacinths were $2. They will last longer than cut flowers and I can plant them in my yard afterwards so I can enjoy them for years to come.

This little ditty I created last year. She was cheep.

That's all folks (had to get the Bugs Bunny quote in there).


  1. Love what you did with the frame and chick! ~ Maureen

  2. Very cute Easter decor. I love the trophy cups on your mantel!

    You had asked about my Boston Terrier on my blog header - I only have a china Boston Terrier, but have a real Labradoodle and Shiba Inu. When we were looking for out second dog, we had looked at Boston Terrier puppies though, but then an older Labradoodle fell into out lap so we decided on her instead. I'm too old for the puppy stage I think :).

  3. Saw your project on The Graphics Fairy. Such a sweet chick and frame. Great idea!!!