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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peat Pot Baskets

My entry into the world of blogging began with The Graphic Fairy. I happened to stumble across it while searching for vintage Halloween images. My life was never to be the same. I salute you Graphic Goddess.

I have spotted some of these in Blogland and made a few for Valentine's Day. I decided to make some for Easter. Unfortunately, my printer is running out of colored ink and the pictures didn't print very well. Shucks. If I was a patient person I would have waited until I could pick up a new cartridge and reprint the pictures. I am not patient and on my list for Tuesday I had "Finish buckets". Alas, I proceeded. Damn you lists.

This little chick is on a pale yellow basket. I topped it with pink, cream and yellow garland. I added a green glitter border as well.

This is my favorite one. I love this lamb baby. The blue on this basket is lovely. I was excited to use my velvet ric rac at the bottom and my never ending supply of vintage Lily of the Valley. Some tinsel and vintage buttons top it off. This one will head to Arizona with Mr.Dickey when he goes to see his aunt who is LAMB crazy.

The lighting on this picture isn't great. The bucket is pink. I added some silver glitter to the pussy willows in the picture. I also glued on some glittery leaves. Lovely.

If I can get some better pictures I may put these on Etsy. Speaking of pictures we are now in the market for a new camera. Wahoo. Now I can't use a crappy camera as an excuse. Looking forward to a weekend of Irish celebration. Sunday the Easter decorations will be busted out. What will I do after Easter for decorations? The next holiday I decorate for is Fourth of July. YIKES.

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