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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling Lucky?

After several productive weeks I have started to slow down a bit. A cold hit me pretty hard last week and this week we have had a few things going on. I started painting my kitchen on Monday, but made no progress after that. Actually, I was have been in avoidance mood because I began cutting in and as I started to get a closer look at my walls I noticed how NASTY they were. I keep a pretty tidy house, but my walls have funk on them. Food, dog slobber...ugh. I plan on doing some scrub-a-dub-dubbing Saturday so I can paint on Sunday.
One of my very best friends has a birthday coming up and I realized I have a habit of buying or making her Irish related gifts. This year I made this for her:

The picture is with it hanging on my mantle since I won't see her until this weekend. It is a good thing she gave up Facebook for Lent because I am pretty sure she doesn't check out Dickey's Decor very often and she won't spoil her surprise. I especially love this piece of music, "Irish Washerwoman". PERFECT.

I found a chipboard "book" in the dollar bins at Michael's and covered the pages with vintage sheet music. Next I cut out letters on sparkly scrap booking paper ( I really need to start using my Silhouette, but haven't set aside the time to learn the ins and outs!). My final step was to hot glue tinsel garland around the edges. I love that stuff.

While I am at it I will share my "trophy" collection. Ignore the dust, I obviously do.

I paid too much for this little baby, but I wanted it. It sat at Vintage Station http://www.vintagestationvs.blogspot.com/ for three months. I went back three times and each time it always seemed like I had just spent too much money elsewhere and I couldn't justify buying it. Last weekend I popped in and there she was. I think it was destiny. The funny thing is their latest post features some trophies and I am sure this one would have flown out the door. I'm the winner!


  1. Love your Lucky banner! Would you be willing to link it up to my Springtime Holiday Link Party? I'd love to have you! Thanks, Michelle

  2. I love your Lucky banner and that great trophy collection!