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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Hand Hurts

I have been a painting fool this past week. So much so that my hand hurts. I'm talking cramps in my right hand. Next week is Spring Break and I plan on taking it easy (if you can painting my daughter's bedroom taking it easy).
I have been trying to knock out a few painting projects in order to be able to have some inventory for a stall in an antique store. I feel like I am almost ready to make a go of this.
I picked up this piece at a garage sale this past summer. The price was right and I liked it. My mantra is I better like whatever it is I am picking up. Even if it is free on Craigslist if I don't like it or have a vision for it I shouldn't bother with it. Here she is before:

Here is what she looks like finished (why do I call all my pieces she?) :

I painted this piece with a coat of homemade chalk paint. The base is March Wind from Sherwin Williams I accented it with some silver using my handy dandy paint pen. I think it would look great on a counter to display things. It could also be set on top of a table or even on the floor. What about mounting it in a corner? The possibilities are endless. I hope to sell it soon so I can pick up some more projects. After all, my hand will be ready to paint again soon.


  1. I know what you mean about hand cramps! I'm in a painting frenzy myself. ~ Maureen

  2. I haven't made chalk paint yet, but I'm close. I have a cabinet sitting in the garage that is waiting for me to get working on it.